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Mushrooms picking

Mushrooms picking

With pre-k class, we went to a nearby forest to look for autumn. First, the children did the autumn scavenger hunt: collected pine cones, colorful leaves, chestnuts, nuts, acorns, and even feathers of birds that they found on the ground. After that, we went to find some mushrooms. In autumn a lot of people go to the forest to pick mushrooms. We also had mushroom picking. We just used the wine corks as good mushrooms. For not eatable mushrooms we used champagne corks. we painted them with red nail polish and added some white dots, and we

Mushrooms picking

got poisonous mushrooms! The children had a lot of fun running in the woods and “picking” mushrooms. When we returned to class, everyone had to count their mushrooms, write a number on the blackboard and we saw who took first place in mushroom picking.

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Mushrooms picking
October 8, 2022
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