Picking and Sorting Nature Finds into Various Sizes

Picking and Sorting Nature Finds into Various Sizes

Picking and Sorting Nature Finds into Various Sizes

At Crystal Heidt Camrose Dayhome, they went out into nature and picked various items to then bring back to the classroom. Kiddos found pieces of fruit, pine cones, and other fun nature items!

Sorting by size

The kids had so much fun comparing the sizes of items and sorting them out. They separated items by small, medium, and large. The children worked as a team to decide what should be in the small, medium, or large categories. They did a fantastic job sizing everything and deciding what belonged where on their sorting board.

Relative differences

The kids pointed out how a small version of one thing can be the large version of another. Students noted even a small apple may be larger than a big dandelion. It went to show how everything can have its own small, medium, or large!

Source for photos: Crystal Heidt Camrose Dayhome

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Picking and Sorting Nature Finds into Various Sizes
September 20, 2021
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