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Noahs Ark Sensory Bin

Kayla Shelton
Noahs Ark Sensory Bin

Noahs Ark Sensory Bin

I teach preschool at a Private Christian Preschool. We are learning about Noahs Ark, so I made a large sensory bin to create some hands on learning. I used water beads- this allowed the students to understand the concept of it being wet like water without using actual water that would spill and make a mess. I added a boat and various animals for them to explore with and act out the story with. I also provided some headbands for the children to wear while playing to bring some fun and dramatic play to the area! This provided endless play and the ability to use their imagination. This was also a great way to develop fine motor skills as well as social skills!

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Noahs Ark Sensory Bin
March 9, 2024
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