My Sensory-motor Area

Melima Villanueva
My Sensory-motor Area

My Sensory-motor Area

Hi my name is Melima S. Villanueva a kindergarten teacher from Kayam Elementary School,Carcar City Division-Carcar City, Cebu Philippines. My assigned school is located in mountainous area where there is no internet access. I travel 1 kilometer from my house with a motorcylce in which my husband is the driver.I just want to share my sensory-motor area constructed by my very own husband,Randy A. Villanueva with our own expense. Even in this time of pandemic I still manage to make this inside my room. Some of my learning materials were donated by my friends and most is from my own pocket. Through this corner,my learners can manipulate learning materials like sand tracing,cutting papers in which they can develop their sensory and fine motor skills in preparation for writing skills. I'm still hoping that through your free printable materials,I can make more learning materials for my learners. This would be a great help for me and to make learning more interesting.

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My Sensory-motor Area
October 12, 2021
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