Post Office Dramatic Play Area For Students

.Madison Wilson
Post Office Dramatic Play Area For Students

Over at Funshine Early Learning Center of Fort Collins, Colorado, they enjoyed a really creative dramatic play area! For a few weeks, a part of the classroom was transformed into a post office. Students had a great time learning via this dramatic play area!

Learning Through Play

The students learned all about the post office and mail carriers through various activities. They sorted stamps, envelopes, and packages too via size and color. Children also created their own real-life letters to mail they practiced putting through the dramatic play area.

Math skills were developed too via counting pretend money, weighing packages, and working-up imaginary receipts for everyone's mail. Everyone also learned about how to take turns with doing various activities--whether they were working the counter, sorting mail, or creating their own letters for friends and family.

It was a fantastic way to learn through play and all of the class had a wonderful time pretending to work at or visit the post office!

We even made a fun game for the kids to bring home.

unshine Early Learning Center of Fort Collins


Fort Collins, CO, United States

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Post Office Dramatic Play Area For Students
February 4, 2020
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