Camping-Themed Dramatic Play

Camping-Themed Dramatic Play

Camping-Themed Dramatic Play

At First Foundations Preschool, they engaged in camping-themed dramatic play! Everyone had a fantastic time pretending to be camping out in the woods while enjoying the nice comfortable indoors!

Sitting around the campfire

The kids had a lot of fun sitting around a pretend campfire and imagining it was crackling and warming everyone up.

Reading in sleeping bags

The students snuggled up in their sleeping bags and read some books. Some used flashlights to illuminate the tents as they read within them.

Eating smores

There wasn't an actual fire to make smores, but the teachers made little baggies of graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows the children then were able to open up and snack upon! It was so much fun pretending to be camping!

Source for photos: First Foundations Preschool

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Camping-Themed Dramatic Play
June 28, 2021
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