Indoor Camping Dramatic Play Idea

Indoor Camping Dramatic Play Idea

Indoor Camping Dramatic Play Idea

At St. Elizabeth's Rainbow Preschool they did some dramatic play in the form of indoor camping! The kids loved pretending to be in the great outdoors while they were actually indoors.

Imaginary camping

The kids had so much fun doing their imaginary camping. They sat around a pretend fireplace and also pretended to fish in a pond. They really used their creativity to have a great time pretending they were outside. They used their imaginations like pros! Everyone liked discussing the kind of safety we use while camping (how you put out a fire when you aren't using it, keeping food sealed-up to avoid wildlife, etc.). When it is warm enough the kids want to camp with their own families for real!

Source for photos: St. Elizabeth's Rainbow Preschool

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Indoor Camping Dramatic Play Idea
February 24, 2021
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