Indoor DIY Skating Rink Idea With Aluminium Foil

Indoor DIY Skating Rink Idea With Aluminium Foil

Indoor DIY Skating Rink Idea With Aluminium Foil

At Field House Day School, they made an indoor skating rink out of aluminum foil! It was a very creative idea and by wearing their socks and stepping out onto the aluminium foil the kids could then slide around as if they were at a skating rink! It was a fun DIY activity that was a lot cheaper (and warmer) than going to an actual skating rink.

Materials needed for this activity

To do this activity you need the following:

*Aluminium foil

*Packaging tape

*A lot of space in the room

How to do this activity

To make your own DIY skating rink you need to follow these steps:

1. Take some aluminium foil and lay it out as flat as possible in your room.

2. Secure your aluminium foil in place with a lot of shipping tape--make sure it is taut.

3.Take off your shoes and while wearing your socks slide along the aluminium foil as if you're at an indoor ice rink!

Source for photos: Field House Day School

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Indoor DIY Skating Rink Idea With Aluminium Foil
May 13, 2021
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