Foil and Styrofoam Boat Experiment

Foil and Styrofoam Boat Experiment

Foil and Styrofoam Boat Experiment

Bright Horizons at Winter Garden challenged their students to design boats out of foil and styrofoam that would float in a pool. The kiddos used their creativity to make the boats and recorded the results when they tried to make them float.

Materials needed for this project


*Chunks of styrofoam


*Rubber bands

*Craft sticks (they look like unused popsicle sticks)

How to do this project

To make your boats you can follow these steps:

1. Cut up foil with your scissors.

2. Combine foil and styrofoam together with rubber bands while utilizing your craft sticks to give everything a boat shape.

3. Take your boat to a body of water (a pool, a full sink) and place it down.

4. See if your boat floats or sinks! If it sinks, make changes until you can get it to float.

Source for photos: Bright Horizons at Winter Garden

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Foil and Styrofoam Boat Experiment
March 21, 2021
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