Snowman Building Center With Styrofoam Blocks

Snowman Building Center With Styrofoam Blocks

Snowman Building Center With Styrofoam Blocks

At TLC preschool, they had a very clever way to build snowmen indoors without having to handle cold snow! The kiddos used styrofoam blocks and were able to build impressive-looking snowmen that seemed so realistic without all the mess of using actual snow or needing to be outdoors.

Building-up snowmen

The kiddos used their gross motor skills to grab and stack with the big styrofoam blocks. The snowmen were decorated with all kinds of fun accoutrements such as hats and faces the children made out of construction paper that they glued onto the styrofoam blocks. It gave each snowman a nice personal touch to have a fun face or hat. It was a fun activity to build these snowmen indoors and was a great creative outlet for the kiddos.

Source for photos: TLC Preschool

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Snowman Building Center With Styrofoam Blocks
February 24, 2021
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