Learning Counting With Connector Blocks

Learning Counting With Connector Blocks

Learning Counting With Connector Blocks

At Oak Grove Academy, they worked on developing their counting abilities as well as fine motor skills via playing with fun connector blocks on top of a worksheet that asked them to put the blocks in groups ranging from a single one to a linked-up group of 10.

Connecting the correct numbers

The kids were given a bunch of the little connector blocks and then studied their worksheets. The worksheets asked for varying numbers of connected blocks. The children connected the correct number of blocks for each group and then put them in the corresponding spots upon the worksheet. They practiced fine motor skills as they connected the little blocks and used their number recognition skills to count-up as they connected these blocks and then put them with the proper groups that were listed. The children were very proud when they finished doing the worksheet!

Source for photos: Oak Grove Academy

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Learning Counting With Connector Blocks
December 29, 2020
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