Counting in Chinese

Counting in Chinese

I prepared worksheet for my private student. I teach her first sequence of number in Chinese, I asked her to remember all of it. Then, I asked her to do this printable that I have prepared for her. I asked her to choose colors that she wanted to pick. Also I wanted her to mention name of colors in Chinese and she can remember all of colors name. Then, she could coloring suitable with the number that has written in the questions. I gave information to her to color it neatly, which mean didn't touch the lines of the circle. She learnt color all of them carefully. So, I always to remember all of my students to color carefully, so their works will be good and they could happy if want to show to their mothers. When she learnt about colors, I have given some game to make her remember all of colors name. I have hidden her color pencils then I asked her to find all of them and mentioned all of name of the colors that she has done find it.

Counting in Chinese
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Counting in Chinese
March 6, 2022
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