math activity using blocks

math activity using blocks

math activity using blocks

Hands-on math activities for children who love blocks! You can use these printable counting and addition games with your favourite unit blocks to build math towers, supporting early math and fine motor skills. Math towers – block addition activity printables Early math skills need to focus on hands-on activities, where children get to see, touch, play, and work with real things.

Later on they’ll be able to add up ‘two plus three’ abstractly in their heads, but when they’re starting out they need to see and really understand that they’re combining two real things and three real things, and ending up with five altogether.

encourage children to:

:: recognise digits

:: add two numbers under ten together

:: use blocks to build a tower to correspond to a given number

:: use blocks to show a two-digit addition

:: develop fine motor skills as they build their towers

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math activity using blocks
September 1, 2021
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