Turkey Math Activity

Turkey Math Activity

Turkey Math Activity

This match activity is great to tie-in with the holiday of Thanksgiving where Turkeys of course play a big role!

By taking a turkey with blank tail-feather and inserting all the images that match a particular number it helps students build their number-sense.

Number Sense Printables

Below you will see the template of the turkey and its blank tail-feathers. One the turkey and its blank tail-feathers are printed they can be glued together. Below that is an assortment of feathers that have different numbers and number imagery upon them. The point of this activity is for students to be able to match all the things that relate to particular number together and insert them over the blank tail-feather imagery.

For example, if students are tasked with using their number sense to find everything related to the number three they would need to insert the number 3, the word three, the three lines, the picture of a hand holding-up three fingers, the die with three dots on it, and the chart with three dots. By matching all of these the student has shown their number sense! This activity comes with tail-feathers that cover numbers one through ten.

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Turkey Math Activity
November 11, 2019
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