"If I Had a Pet Turkey," Activity Idea

"If I Had a Pet Turkey," Activity Idea

"If I Had a Pet Turkey," Activity Idea

They did an imaginative activity at Scribbles Preschool LLC. The students were asked to imagine what it would be like if they had a pet turkey and filled-out a worksheet covering what they would feed the turkey, drew what the turkey would look like, and discussed what students and their turkeys would do together! This was a fantastic activity to tie-in with Thanksgiving as that involves a lot of turkey-themes and food!

Pet turkeys!

The kids were very clever in thinking-up what they would do with a pet turkey, writing all kinds of fun activities. When the children were done thinking-up what they would do with their turkeys, they also colored-in pictures of turkeys and drew even more fun turkey images. You can do this activity with your class too by asking students what they would do with a pet turkey or having them fill out a worksheet of pet turkey ideas as well!

Source for photos: Scribbles Preschool LLC and pictures here too.

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"If I Had a Pet Turkey," Activity Idea
November 30, 2020
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