Turkey Traps/Elf Traps Class STEM Activity

Turkey Traps/Elf Traps Class STEM Activity

Turkey Traps/Elf Traps Class STEM Activity

At Bright Horizons at Encinitas, they did a fun STEM activity! They created, "Turkey traps," that can be themed for the just-passed holiday of Thanksgiving or how we often eat turkey at Christmas too. Plus, if you don't want to use a turkey for this activity, you can always use an, "Elf," in the form of a little elf doll.

Materials needed for your traps activity

To make your own traps you will need:




*Turkey or elf doll

How to make your traps

To do this activity, follow these steps:

1. Start linking toothpicks to each other using marshmallows as connectors.

2. Start linking other toothpicks together with the grapes as connectors.

3. Place your turkey/elf doll on the different groups of connected toothpicks and judge how well the, "Traps," hold the dolls.

4. Have the students discuss which traps they think are better and why.

Source for photos: Bright Horizons at Encinitas

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Turkey Traps/Elf Traps Class STEM Activity
December 11, 2020
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