Snowman paperplates and snowman with falling snow

Cassandra Beck
Snowman paperplates and snowman with falling snow

Snowman paperplates and snowman with falling snow

We currently did snowman week! We used white paint for fingerprinting snow as a background for the cutout snowman pieces. We then allowed them to add the pieces such as nose where they wanted and some added their own mouths. They loved being able to "build" their own snowman along with making their own snow with their fingerprints. We also did another snowman activity using cutouts and paper plates where we had precut out snowman parts such as noses and allowed the children to pick whatever colored ppm poms they wanted with whatever color pipecleaners they want to create earmuffs for their snowmen! Both activities were huge hits and the kids loved being able to create it all the way THEY wanted. It took very little preparation (mostly cutting out snowman shapes for the noses) and it kept their attention making them take their time while doing the activity. They also liked to place the noses or mouths differently which made them laugh and made the activity that much more enjoyable!

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Snowman paperplates and snowman with falling snow
January 29, 2022
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