Melted Snowman Painting Craft

Melted Snowman Painting Craft

Melted Snowman Painting Craft

At Little Hands Bright Minds Daycare Home & Preschool, they discussed how when the snow gets warm it melts. Then, the kids painted their own picture of a, "Melted," snowman. It was a great STEAM activity with its combined learning about science and doing art!

Materials needed for this craft

To make your own melted snowman you will need:

*Blue, black, red, and orange pieces of construction paper

*White paint--acrylic tempera works well




How to make your melted snowman

Follow these steps to do this craft:

1. Cut your black construction paper into a hat shape and two little black circles--these will be the snowman's hat and eyes

2. Cut your red construction paper into a long strip--this will be the snowman's scarf

3. Cut your orange construction paper into a little triangle--this will be the snowman's nose.

4. Take your white paint and spread it all around your blue construction paper so it looks like a melted pile of snow.

5. Wait for the paint to dry.

6. Glue on your snowman's hat, eyes, scarf, and nose.

7. Your melted snowman is finished!

Source for photos: Little Hands Bright Minds Daycare Home & Preschool

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Melted Snowman Painting Craft
December 5, 2020
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