Painting Teeth with Toothbrushes Craft

Painting Teeth with Toothbrushes Craft

Painting Teeth with Toothbrushes Craft

At The Children's Garden, they did a fun painting activity! The students took printouts with outlines of a smiling mouth. Then, they used paint with toothbrushes to, "Paint," on the teeth, just like if they were brushing with toothpaste!

Materials needed for this craft

To do the toothbrush painting craft you will need the following:


*Paint--acrylic or tempera works well

*Print-out with an outline of a smile

How to do this craft

Follow these steps for the toothbrush painting craft:

1. Take your printed outline with the smile and lay it down.

2. Dip your toothbrush's bristles in the paint.

3. Spread the paint on the teeth with the toothbrush.

4. Use another toothbrush to spread another color of paint if wanted.

5. Cover the whole smile with paint.

6. Wait for the paint to dry.

7. Show everyone your work!

Source for photos: The Children's Garden

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Painting Teeth with Toothbrushes Craft
March 3, 2021
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