Animal Tracks Painting Craft

Animal Tracks Painting Craft

Animal Tracks Painting Craft

At Elite Education, they discussed how different animals make different kinds of tracks. Some animals have claws, others have hooves, it can really vary! Inspired by all they learned, the kids had fun doing an animal tracking painting craft!

Materials needed for this craft

To do this animal tracks painting craft you will need the following:

*Sheet of construction paper

*Plastic toy animals you don't mind covering in paint


*Paint--tempera or acrylic works well

How to do this craft

To do the animal tracks painting craft follow these steps:

1. Lay down your sheet of paper and grab some animal toys while putting paint on your plates.

2. Dip one animal toy's feet in the paint.

3. Put the animal toy's feet on the paper and make imprints of its tracks.

4. Keep making imprints of animal tracks on your sheet until you are done.

5. Wait for the paint to dry and show everyone your creation!

Source for photos: Elite Education

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Animal Tracks Painting Craft
February 10, 2021
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