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Snowman Numbers

dene degonzague
Snowman Numbers

I use shape snowmen to review shapes during the winter. It's a great way to teach sequencing of building a snowman, as well as reviewing numbers in multiple modalities.

Students start with 2-6 snowman pieces. Those students who are working on, "gluing on," start with two shapes. I prompt to "glue," and then, "put on." As they complete those two objectives, they will be finished with the task.

The next level of this task is to "choose 4." Students who are ready to begin identifying numbers will be given a choice of two numbers, and then asked to choose a given number. If they choose the correct one, I let the circle go and say, "four." If they reach for the incorrect number, I keep hold of the circle. Then, I move the correct circle forward and repeat, "four." Students then grab the correct number. I then continue the prompt of, "glue on."

The next level for this activity is to have students identify the number and then match at least one representation. Usually it is dots or ten frame.

This activity can increase in difficulty by adding more representations and asking the student to "build the snowman by matching all number 4s."

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Snowman Numbers
December 19, 2022
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