K is for Key Foil Wrapping Activity

K is for Key Foil Wrapping Activity

K is for Key Foil Wrapping Activity

At Luisa's Family Child Care, they learned K can stand for words such as, "Key!" In honor of learning this fun fact, the children took big pieces of cardboard that had been cut with scissors to look like keys and then wrapped them in foil so that they were shiny--just like actual keys!

Materials needed for this activity

To do this key foil wrapping activity you need the following:


*Scissors (strong ones that can cut through cardboard)


How to do this activity

To do this key foil wrapping activity you can follow these steps:

1. Have an adult take the scissors and cut the cardboard into the shape of a key. Kids can help the adults cut (they just need careful supervision). You can make assorted key shapes!

2. Once all the keys have been cut, have students take foil and wrap the key shapes in the foil so that they look shiny just like real keys!

3. Wrap all the keys in foil and then you are done!

Source for photos: Luisa's Family Child Care

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K is for Key Foil Wrapping Activity
June 18, 2021
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