Get kids involved in gift wrapping and presentation

Get kids involved in gift wrapping and presentation

Christmas Button Gift Tags

Made these cute tags with my 6 year old. Good way to get them involved in gift wrapping for Christmas.

To make 4 tags

Materials: 20 assorted buttons 4 kraft tags kraft string

pencil glue


1) Decide arrangement of buttons on tags before sticking them. Let buttons dry properly.

2) While glue is drying you can write your Christmas message on the card i.e. who gift is for or Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays.

3) Using pencil, draw a line from the opposite side of tag to the button. Draw two small loops as a bow/knot. You can trace this line over with a marker if you wish.

4) Put string through tag and tie to your gift.

Optional - Decorate buttons further with glitter or use a thin ribbon instead of drawing the 'string'.

This isn't limited to Christmas alone, can be done for birthdays or other special occasions. My lo enjoyed showing off his tags and was proud when Grandma asked him to do some for her too.

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Get kids involved in gift wrapping and presentation
December 15, 2020
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