Stingray Craft for Kids

Stingray Craft for Kids

Stingray Craft for Kids

At Angelina's Schools, they did a stingray craft with the children that was great fun and looked so impressive!

Materials needed for the stingray craft

To create your stingray craft you will need the following:

*Paper plate

*White construction paper

*Gray paint--acrylic or tempera works well


*Googly eyes



*White paint (optional)

How to do the stingray craft

To create your stingray follow these steps:

1. Take your white construction paper and cut a tail-shape out of it.

2. Paint your paper plate and the tail with the gray paint.

3. Wait for the paint to dry.

4. Glue the tail onto your paper plate.

5. Glue your googly eyes onto the paper plate, it is now a stingray!

6. Add white paint to give your stingray more texture if you want.

7.Show your stingray off to everyone!

Source for photos: Angelina's Schools

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Stingray Craft for Kids
October 22, 2020
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