Star Experiment

Star Experiment

Star Experiment

Last few weeks, we learned about the solar system. It was a good theme as many ideas can be used for the theme. The kids were having fun learning about the solar system. What great thing is, we have done lots of science experiments and of them is the blooming star! We folded the edge of stars and we put them into the water and see how they unfold in front of their eyes.

This is how you do it:


1. Star template

2. Printer paper

3. Marker

4. Scissors

5. Water

6. Plate or any container that can hold water.

7. Optional: Stickers


- Print out the star template or draw by yourself and then print it.

- Color and design the stars. Place a sticker in the middle or write a message if you wish!

- Fold the edges of the star one by one toward the center

-Pour water into a plate or container of your choice

-Place the star into the water.

- Watch the star blooming up!

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Star Experiment
September 3, 2021
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