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Indoor Sensory Playground (Community-Themed)

Aissa Briones
Indoor Sensory Playground (Community-Themed)

Here is when I created a Community-Themed indoor sensory playground for pre-kinder students.

We have printed Community Places in tarpaulin (Police Station, Fire Station, Hospital, Supermarket and Restaurant).

In the Police Station, I placed some balance beams to get to this station. This is to strengthen their balance and confidence.

For the Fire Station, I used some vault boxes and decorated it as Fire Engines so they can practice climbing and overcome their fear of depths and jumping from higher places.

For the Hospital, I placed a baby and doctor toys where they can pretend to take care of the sick.

In the Supermarket, there are goods like fruits and vegetables, a toy cart and toy cashier. In this way, they can practice pushing, sorting and even identifying numbers.

In the Restaurant area, there are toy utensils, plates where they can set the table or pretend to take orders and prepare food.

So far, the little kids loved this indoor Community-Themed sensory playground.

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Indoor Sensory Playground (Community-Themed)
November 16, 2022
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