Camping Dramatic Play Ideas

Camping Dramatic Play Ideas

Camping Dramatic Play Ideas

At Wee Giggle Lots Preschool/Childcare, they had a fantastic time engaging in dramatic play! It was themed for camping and the students had so much fun!

"Sleeping" in tents

The kiddos had a great time pretending to cook dinner by the campfire and then imagined they were sleeping in the tents!

Lighting the, "Forest"

Everyone enjoyed doing dramatic play where they held little lamps and acted out going through a forest where their tents could have been. Everyone discussed safety when camping and how you need to always light your way and make sure you keep food locked up so hungry animals don't snatch up your grub! It was a great time pretending to camp!

Source for photos: Wee Giggle Lots Preschool/Childcare

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Camping Dramatic Play Ideas
August 14, 2021
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