Online classes on veterinarian

Online classes on veterinarian

Online classes on veterinarian

We introduce veterinarian using these materials.

We use online video as resources to introduce the occupation to the kids. We also get them to bring along their favorite animal toys so they can 'pretend play' after. We explained how the vet examine the animals and what to look out for. The kids really enjoyed themselves.

We also prepared worksheets for them. Its a matching kind of worksheet. They have to find the animal skeleton and match them to the right one. Some were difficult to identify; some were easy to identify. They didn't know that animals have skeleton too!

It was quite difficult to conduct the classes online but we manage to do it. The pandemic has got all teachers equip with technology skills by right. Haha.

I hope this post will help the rest of you and give you some ideas on teaching occupations during online classes.

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Online classes on veterinarian
July 2, 2021
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