Animals - Online speaking practice

Animals - Online speaking practice

Here are some games you can use in online classes,I use these with my 2nd

Grade and the students love them:

Blind drawing - describe the picture to the students and the students draw and share their work so they can compare and appreciate.

I spy - The teacher calls the animal and the student must find it on the big picture.

Say how many - Students can count the species, how many birds, leaves, trees, flowers, reptiles, for example.

Spell it - The student chooses an animal secretly and spell its name, the others must find out which is the animal mentioned.

Find the plants - The teacher or student describes the plant and the others must find it on the big picture.

Make a list- Give 20 seconds so the students can memorize the image. Students type on the chat box the animals they remember from the image.

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Animals - Online speaking practice
September 10, 2020
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