online learning at playgroup

Paulina Yasmin
online learning at playgroup

online learning at playgroup

We teach students at TK Bintang Mulia, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia through online learning.

in our class there are twenty students.

every student gets very excited.

we teach pre math, centre activity, gross motor skill, fine motor skill, sport, water play, pre writing, bible, chapel, and many others

students learn from home beacuse of pandemic covid- 19, so we pray that all of us always healthy always

we pray for opening day and for closing day

we teach in english except for bible and for character bulding lesson

we as teachers need more information and printable worksheet

we make learning video using video editor application and upload it to Google Classroom.

the schedule for one day is start from 9-11 AM. monday until friday

thank you very much for providing printable worksheet for us to use

God bless you

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online learning at playgroup
May 7, 2021
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