Outdoor Shadow Tracing Activity

Outdoor Shadow Tracing Activity

Outdoor Shadow Tracing Activity

At the Children's Center of Austin - Westlake, they did a fun outdoor shadow tracing activity! This is a great idea for when it is a sunny day as the way the figures cast shadows makes them perfect for kids to practice tracing!

Tracing the shapes

The kiddos put their figures of animals and dinosaurs outside. They then put white sheets of paper behind them. After doing that, they carefully used pencils to try and trace the shape of the figure via the shadow it cast thanks to the bright sunshine. The students then had a beautiful traced shape they could color in if they wanted and make look even better! Doing this shadow tracing activity was a fantastic way to do some art outdoors!

Source for photos: The Children's Center of Austin - Westlake

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Outdoor Shadow Tracing Activity
June 26, 2021
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