Outdoor Squirtgun Ball-Race Activity

Outdoor Squirtgun Ball-Race Activity

Outdoor Squirtgun Ball-Race Activity

At Rachael's Daycare & Preschool the kids went outside and cooled off in the hot Summer sun by playing a fun game with squirtguns and balls. They raced to see who could get their ball across a field the fastest using only their squirtguns to push it along!

Squirtgun fun

This activity was very easy to do, it just required squirtguns and lightweight balls (heavy ones would not be easily pushed by water from squirtguns). Each child was given a squirtgun and assigned a ball to squirt across the field. Then, when they were told, "Go," they all began using the water from their squirtguns to try and push the balls as fast as they could across the field to the other end!

This can be a good group/teamwork activity too. If you assign multiple children to the same team to push a ball together, then they need to collaborate to make sure they all are using their squirtguns to push the ball together.

Source for photos: Rachael's Daycare & Preschool

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Outdoor Squirtgun Ball-Race Activity
August 29, 2020
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