Playing Card Number Match

Erin Eckley
Playing Card Number Match

Playing Card Number Match

To gain awareness of different number fonts, the children are asked to use playing cards that are numbered 2 through 9 to match to the numbers on their paper mats which are also numbered 2 through 9.

There are four sets of playing cards numbers 2 through 9 that are placed as a pond in the middle of the play area. The children work in small groups, taking turns to draw a playing card, identify its number, determine if they need that number and match it to the corresponding number by adding it to their mat.

The children continue repeating this process until their mat is filled. Each child can work at their own pace or the children can take turns since each child has their own mat on which to match cards. This activity usually takes no longer than 10 minutes if the children have some number recognition foundation!

Paper Mat

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Playing Card Number Match
April 3, 2023
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