Polar Animal Habitat Diorama Activity

Polar Animal Habitat Diorama Activity

Polar Animal Habitat Diorama Activity

This Polar animal habitat diorama serves as a great learning tool that can be used by children to gain knowledge about all of the beauty of the Arctic and Antarctic.

This diorama has a focus on Polar regions, Polar animals, and the kind of habitat found in these areas. Both Pre-K and Kindergarten students can have fun doing this project of building and creating their own beautiful diorama

Items Included in the Diorama Activity Set

  • 4 printable sheets that serve as the background.
  • 4 printable sheets with polar animals.
  • 1 printable sheet with ice floes.

There is a total of 9 printable sheets.

Diorama Assembly

The 4 printable background sheets are glued together as shown in the example below:

The rest of the setup process is simple enough for children to do on their own. With such a beautiful Arctic background for the diorama, it sets a gorgeous stage for lots of customization options.

Teachers and parents can enjoy this activity by seeing all the great ways children will show-off their creativity. Plus, problem-solving skills are developed during the assembly process as opposed to having the students follow a routine lesson. Each sheet is durable enough to be able to last a long time with normal use. Plus, the designs are bright and colorful, with the entire diorama being brought to life once set-up with the animals, ice floes, and gorgeous background.

How to Download the Diorama Activity Set

The file package with the Diorama activity set is available to be downloaded completely for free! It is actually one of the gifts that you will be sent upon sharing a post right here at TeachersMag.com! Click here to learn more.

Also, the sheets are available for purchase on this website.

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Polar Animal Habitat Diorama Activity
January 6, 2020
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