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Rain Cloud Experiment

Fatimah Az-Zahra
Rain Cloud Experiment

Hello kids, Lets learn how rain occurs with this fun science experiment it's super easy to do!

What you need to prepare:

- A handful of cotton/tissue

- 1 clear container/jar/clear glass

- Food color dye (blue)

- Glass half filled with dirt

- 1 Spoon or pipette

Rain Cloud Experiment


1. Put blue food coloring into a glass filled with water, stir.

2. Rip and fluff the cotton up to make your cloud.

3. Place the cotton on the container with the dirt we prepared earlier.

4. Drop the water on your cotton could while counting the number of pipettes it takes until it rains. Have fun!

*Every cloud holds a different amount of watet depending on size and shape but in this experiment it took about 25 mls of water for it to start raining.

Yay! It started to rain guys

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Rain Cloud Experiment
October 16, 2023
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