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Retro Themed Grandparents Day Celebration

Curious CUbs
Retro Themed Grandparents Day Celebration

Retro Themed Grandparents Day Celebration

We had a Wonderful celebrations with our Grandparents and kids on the Retro Theme.

Decorations: The photo booth for the parents was cassette like to give it the olden movies look.

The hangings were simple and easy to make disc shapes with black base and neon background.

Welcome board was a black and white checked background.

Games and Activities:

Welcomed the grandparents with a big red carpet ramp walk with their grandchild.

One of the games was karaoke where they grandparents and child had a lot of fun singing to the old tunes.

Other game was Charades. There was a disco room setup for them to dance with their grandchild. The twist in the dance room was freeze dance. The teacher would name any parts and they just had to move and groove on the song.

There was a drama room kept. A lot of props were kept for them to use. also accessories were kept. The children were given the scenarios and they teamed up to come up with the role play.

At the end they were all given a selfie hunt with few clues and they all had fun taking photos with various poses.

We had small photos given to the children in the form of camera as a takeaway.

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Retro Themed Grandparents Day Celebration
November 20, 2023
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