100 Days of School Celebration

100 Days of School Celebration

100 Days of School Celebration

Depending on when your school year starts (and if it was delayed this year due to COVID-19) you may soon be celebrating or have just celebrated 100 days of school for this school year! They celebrated the first 100 days at Storybook Preschool and had a great deal of fun doing activities themed for the first 100 days.

100 painting

All the students painted the numbers 100 with a variety of fun colors.

Counting to 100

The kids counted-out a variety of items in groups so as to total 100. Everything from candy to cotton calls was used and grouped-up to make the count!

100-themed snacks

Lastly, everyone had some cupcakes that spelled out, "100," before everyone ate them up! It was a great way to celebrate 100 days of school!

Source for photos: Storybook Preschool

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100 Days of School Celebration
November 30, 2020
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