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Spaghetti Pretend Play

Spaghetti Pretend Play

Flash cards and menu.

It will help with logical thinking skills of preschoolers to play with the spaghetti.

You can make spaghetti using yellow thread. The flash cards define all the words that are associated with cooking spaghetti. You can use cute brown Pom Pom balls to make them like meat balls. Kids would have hours of fun with this simple activity.

This can be paired with stove toy. Also the sauces set from Melissa and Doug can be used along with it. If you don’t have any toy that represent sauces, you can make your own by labelling the old bottles with the names of sauces. You can give kids cute chef caps and they’re ready to cook.

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Spaghetti Pretend Play
March 28, 2024
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