starfish painting

Carmela Pandiscia
starfish painting

In my preschool class, we choose fun summer themes each week. This particular week's theme was beach week, and one day we focused on starfish. For our art activity, we had each children pick a starfish along with any painting colors that they would like to use. To practice their abilities to hold pens and paintbrushes, the children painted their starfish with a paintbrush and any paints they liked. Then for an interactive activity, we cut out the shape of starfishes on different colored construction paper and stuck the starfish around the room to play a game of "find the starfish". We used tape to stick the starfish around the room on walls, in cubbies, on toys, just to get some engagement from the children and to get their little bodies moving.

starfish painting
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starfish painting
August 7, 2023
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