Painting footprints

Carolina Rivera
Painting footprints

Painting footprints

Kids love to use paint.

They also love to be barefoot on the floor.

We combined both things and made footprints with the colors they like the most.

This 3 years old had a lot of fun. Specially when teacher cleaned their feet with a bucket of water.

One way to give more pourpose to this activity would be using it ti review directions.

So, you would have kids participate one by one, painting the feet and telling them to stand in a specific place of a big Kraft papel piece.

There, you would tell them, for example, “move 3 steps forward, now turn to the left, move 5 steps to your right…”

At the end you’ll analyze their path.

They’ll love this activity!

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Painting footprints
June 8, 2023
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