Teaching "My home"

Tatiana Klopotovska
Teaching "My home"

Teaching "My home"

Sometimes learning can be boring if you use only textbooks and workbooks. But it easy to attract your students' attention if you use something unexpected and bright. Most of all they feel happy when you allow them to play, to draw or to stick something. These pictures show one of the way I teach kids patrs of the house, paper crafts always help me. First we revise the target vocabulary, then we exam the poster and by the end of the lesson we stick the notes to the definit part of the paper house model. If you want to succeed while doing that task you have to read the notes, find the correct one among the others.

In this case children are really involved into the process of learning. Each of them willing to get the note and stick it. They feel really satisfied and enjoy the process of studying. And as a result we have a nice paper house model and kids, who remember all the parts of the house.

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Teaching "My home"
November 17, 2020
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