Text Study Craft

Ellen Murdoch
Text Study Craft

Our Year One students love our storytime text studies. Each week we choose a different story and in Literacy use the stories as a springboard to writing and teaching grammar such as the nouns verbs and adjectives. We also link other key learning areas of the curriculum to the story and in art the children thoroughly enjoy painting the characters in the stories or making craft associated with the stories.

These craft displays were made by Year 1 following a text study of the books Wombat Stew by Marcia Vaughan and Echidna Jim Went For a Swim by Phil Cummings when our text study was based on an Australian Animals theme and when we studied Space, Goodnight Spaceman by Michelle Robinson among others.

Text Study Craft

The Wombats are made from painted paper plates with the paper legs and ears glued on afterwards. We found the template and instructional video on danielle's place. Afterwards we painted the other creatures in the story and placed the animals around the stewpot to make the display on the board.

The children had great fun gluing coloured matchsticks spikes onto their drawings of Echidna Jim. We also made clay echidnas and the children stuck matchsticks into the clay whilst it was wet.

Our fantastic astronauts were coloured in first, then foil glued around the top for the helmet and lastly a photo of the children's faces was glued on the back - our little astronauts were ready to float off into outer space!

Text Study is a wonderful motivation for developing vocabulary, language and writing skills, information and knowledge and all sorts of creative opportunities.

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Text Study Craft
August 27, 2021
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