X-Ray Skeleton Arm Craft

X-Ray Skeleton Arm Craft

X-Ray Skeleton Arm Craft

The kids learned how we have bones all throughout our bodies at Mendez Family Child Care. After learning about our bones the children created an, "X-ray," image of an arm as a skeleton by using paint and q-tips in a clever fashion!

Materials needed for this craft

To do this skeleton arm craft you will need the following:

*Black piece of construction paper

*White paint (you can use another lighter color for fun too)



How to do this craft

To create your skeleton arm you can follow these steps:

1.Use your paintbrush to spread the paint upon the black construction paper; spread the paint in the shape of an arm and hand.

2. While the paint is still wet, put the q-tips in it so that they look like pieces of a skeleton--model them to look like an arm and hand!

3. Wait for everything to dry and show your x-ray image to people!

Source for photos: Mendez Family Child Care

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X-Ray Skeleton Arm Craft
June 17, 2021
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