Turkey Counting Worksheets

Turkey Counting Worksheets

Turkey Counting Worksheets

These worksheets feature Turkeys and work on the development of counting and math skills. They are wonderful to tie-in with the holiday of Thanksgiving where Turkeys of course are a big element!

Thanksgiving Worksheets

There are 6 sheets total.

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Turkey Counting Worksheets

On this worksheet there is a picture of a Turkey, Turkey eggs, feathers, and baby Turkeys (called Poults). Students need to circle/mark the correct answer at the bottom of each section which identifies how many Turkeys, Turkey Eggs, feathers, or Poults there are. After doing this worksheet they can color everything-in for extra fun as well.

Turkey Feather Counting and Matching

This worksheet has various images of a Turkey which sometimes has more feathers and sometimes has less on its body. Students need to count how many feathers there are in each picture and then circle/mark the correct answer.

Turkey and Poult Counting Worksheet

For this worksheet there is one big picture that features a Turkey, its Poults, whole eggs, open eggs, and some feathers. Students look at the picture and count-up how many there are of each item, then filling-in the answer at the bottom.

+ Capital and Lowercase, Thanksgiving Count and Trace the words Worksheets

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Turkey Counting Worksheets
November 9, 2019
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