Two Crafts Relating to the Letter J

Two Crafts Relating to the Letter J

Two Crafts Relating to the Letter J

At Step Ahead Preschool, the students learned about the letter J. In the process of learning about the letter, they did two fun crafts! One involved putting a shirt on the letter J because it looked a little like a body with arms and the other craft was focused on how J can stand for, "Jellyfish," which led to the kiddos making their own jellyfish crafts!

J with a shirt

The children had fun taking a letter J made out of construction paper and using various pieces of scrap paper to create a shirt for their J! The creative outfits everyone made were a sight to see!

J stands for, "Jellyfish."

Everyone took half-pieces of paper plates which they painted beautiful colors and then attached string and googly eyes too in order to make their very own jellyfish! It was a great art activity.

Source for photos: Step Ahead Preschool

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Two Crafts Relating to the Letter J
January 28, 2021
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