A letter from Vietnam

Thu Thuy Nguyen
A letter from Vietnam

I am a physics teacher in Viet Nam. I have a 3 year old daughter and we are on vacation. Because of the Covid situation, we limit going out and only play indoors. Every day, I come up with many games to play with my daughter.

While looking for ideas to make a busy book for her, I came across this website. Your ideas are very good, rich and very beautiful drawings. I'm sure my daughter will love playing games that are both brain-boosting and fun. Where I live is a countryside, there are no bookstores, children do not have many good books and beautiful toys. I plan to make a book for my daughter and give it to other kids to spread good ideas like this.

I look forward to sharing the materials that will help me realize my plans. Besides busy books, I think I can use your material to teach kids many other things. It's really a surprise and wonderful gift for the kids. I am very happy doing this. And thank you so much for sharing.

A letter from Vietnam
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A letter from Vietnam
May 29, 2021
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