Van Gogh-Inspired Art Activities

Olivia Johnson
Van Gogh-Inspired Art Activities

The 2nd-grade students at East Washington Academy in Muncie, Indiana loved reading the storybook, "Vincent Van Gogh's Cat."

It imagines a scenario where Vincent Van Gogh's cat goes from a stroll that happens to take him through several famous paintings. These students recreated these paintings too and were inspired to use lovely gems to explore and then enhance these amazing and delightful works of art! After all, art educations helps to connect students with both their own culture as well as the rest of the wider world.

Making Art Like Van Gogh!

The students had a wonderful time making art styled like Van Gogh! They found it fun taking gems, string, and other mixed-media pieces of art which they then put over Van Gogh's famous paintings to accentuate his incredible art. Reading the book and then making additions to Van Gogh's art helped the kids feel like they were a famous creator just like Van Gogh!

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Van Gogh-Inspired Art Activities
January 31, 2020
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