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Mondrian-Inspired Art Activity

Olivia Johnson
Mondrian-Inspired Art Activity

Mondrian-Inspired Art Activity

At Peter Pan Schools in Alameda, California, the students loved being offered the chance to create art inspired by Piet Mondrian--it was an invitation to be creative they readily accepted!

The class set out their rulers, got their paper, gathered markers, set-up tempera paint, and had legos to create their own versions of Mondrian inspired art.

Doing the Activity

Doing this art activity provided a stellar way for the kids to practice their math, critical thinking, and their language skills. While the children were using the rulers the class discussed vertical as well as horizontal lines.

They talked about the shapes they were making too. It was also a nice break in the activity to set aside their paintbrushes occasionally. The children also loved the opportunity to paint with different objects, such as legos. This allowed them to add texture to their artwork in a quite creative and open-ended way.

Benefits of Painting

Painting is a fantastic way to allow children to express their creativity and have a bunch of fun. Developing a skill such as painting provides a stimulus that children need in order to be successful in all of the aspects of life.

Painting is an incredible way for kids to build up their fine motor control as well as muscle strength. When kids are holding something such as a Lego they are required to carefully move their hands, wrists, and arms so as to create the desired image on their paper.

Also, painting helps students to work on their hand-eye coordination as well as color-mixing, plus color identification, and of course visual planning skills.

Piet Mondrian 3-D Abstract Art

"We used electric tape, scissors, Tempera Paint, butcher paper, and thin paintbrushes to recreate his art on recycled boxes".

Peter Pan Schools
Alameda, CA, United States

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Mondrian-Inspired Art Activity
January 9, 2020
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