Creating Portraits Inspired by Assorted Subjects

Creating Portraits Inspired by Assorted Subjects

Creating Portraits Inspired by Assorted Subjects

At Wonderland School, they had a fun art project where the students got to make creations inspired by something they like. Some students chose to recreate books, some drew television characters, and others drew a picture of real people they were fans of. It was a great activity to encourage creativity and allowed the students to, "Show-and-tell," about why they chose their subject matter--such as Narwhal above or the other fun portraits!

Peppa Pig

One first-grader loved the cartoon character known as Peppa Pig and created a portrait dedicated to her!

Frida Kalo

Real-life painter Frida Kalo was a favorite of another student and the subject of their drawing!


Another child loved Pat from Dr. Seuss's works.

Peter Pan

The mythical Peter Pan was another subject covered by one kiddo. It was so fun letting the little ones draw their favorite things--real or fictional!

Source for photos: Wonderland School

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Creating Portraits Inspired by Assorted Subjects
November 19, 2020
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