Assorted Recycled Item Craft Ideas

Assorted Recycled Item Craft Ideas

Assorted Recycled Item Craft Ideas

At The Learning Garden, they created a variety of neat crafts that saw shared by, "The Annoying Birdy," on Facebook. These crafts all use recycled items (like the castle made of cardboard tubes seen above) and can be done in your classroom too!

Milk jug car garage

You can cut-up an old milk jug and after using some markers it has turned into a little house with a garage for your toy cars!

Tissue box boots

Take old tissue boxes, decorate them, and then wear them as fun boots.

Milk Jug Magnifying Glass

With a cardboard tube and a milk jug, you can create a cool magnifying glass.

Matching with paper plates

Take old paper plates, cut them in half, and have them be used for matching numerals and dots of numbers.

Source for photos: The Learning Garden and The Annoying Birdy

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Assorted Recycled Item Craft Ideas
January 13, 2021
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